If updating the direction of your bedroom decoration is on the top of your to-do lists for 2019, keep the look and feel of it on trend with 15 of the ultimate bedroom interior design ideas culled from the wisdom of our decorators. That said, these savvy interior design trends and other top design ideas we’ve seen can work just as well in any other room in your home as they have universal appeal so you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Create a reading nook

Since a bedroom is often considered a sanctuary to relax in at the end of the day, it makes for the perfect spot to create a comforting reading nook in. And it could inspire you to read more – something most of us come up short on. To get the look, create a zone with a simple bookshelf styled with books that are color-coordinated.

This will be sure to get you back in the habit of reading and will be even better for you if you can add a comfortable reading chair in the area to really take advantage of your own personal in-home library.

Make it unique

People spend a huge amount of time in their bedrooms and often don’t even realize it. And unfortunately, since bedrooms are less seen by guests, people also tend to decorate them last or overlook them completely.

But since your bedroom is akin to your own private oasis, why should it be bland and straightforward? And while you should never forgo practicality altogether, do bring in unique finds that’ll help you tell a story while injecting your bedroom with needed personality and visual interest.

Raised Storage beds

Beds raised off the floor aren’t just for kids any more – space creating designs, full of functionality, are just as beneficial in an adult’s room as well. After all, who says kids beds can have all the fun and function as adults need just as much extra storage for their bedroom design. Beds are raised off the floor on a frame with underneath storage areas like rows of drawers or sliding doors where you can easily store bulky items that you don’t need out all the time.

With some styles we’ve seen, bedside tables and even more storage is built into the steps that help you get into bed. This works perfectly for making the most out of your space for a small bedroom design and it looks super modern as well.

Bring In Texture

Now matter how challenging your small bedroom design is, the easiest way to add visual play is by bringing in extra texture for an unexpected touch. Note how the bedroom featured here is extra-small in scale, but with a few textural updates, the room feel complete and fully realized without coming off as heavy handed.

You can blame that on the texture introduced via linens, two petite velvet ottomans, and a salvaged wood panel hung over the bed. All in all, the space is outfitted perfectly, even though it didn’t take much.